MAI stands for Mission Arthritis India. It is a voluntary support group for patients of arthritis and rheumatism. Specialist doctors and other concerned experts have volunteered to lend their years of experience and expertise

thumbnailWho formed Mission Arthritis India ?

MAI has been formed mainly by an educated and philanthropic group of people who have suffered from arthritis for a number of years and now wish to help the community fight these ailments. In other words, "it is FOR the people, BY the people".

Our Mission

The main goal of MAI is to provide proper and scientific information and guidance about all aspects of arthritis and related problems. To fulfill this goal MAI is publishing quarterly newsletters containing health related articles and organising public awareness meetings. Each MAI newsletter is the source of knowledge on various types of musculoskeletal pains, bone and joint problems, types of exercises, guidelines on prevention / control

Disease Modifying Anti Rheumatic Drugs (DMARD)
by - Dr Arvind Chopra

Hip Arthritis
by - Dr Hardik Rathod

Knee Overview
by - Dr Kiran Adam