Common Difficulties in Artritis Patients

by Dr Shrikrishna M Joshi

For last 24 years, I am suffering from " RHEUMETOID ARTHRITIS ". I tried home remedies, ayurveda, homeopathy for the cure of this disease , but nothing helped . Then I came to Pune and consulted arthritis specialist (Rheumatologist) doctor, since then my arthritis was under some control .Sometimes, I suffer from acute arthritis. Arthritis requires constant consultation and follow up, so I keep coming to Pune regularly for my treatment.

At any given day and date, whenever I used to visit the dispensary for the treatment, it is always full of patients, from children to old coming from different religions and background. Everybody having different symptoms for the same disease ARTHRITIS! A thought always crossed my mindwhat kind of difficulties these people must be facing in the family, socially and at the work place? I always wanted to reach out to them and strike a conversation, but you cannot connect with each and everyone due to lack of time.

Then I came in contact with "MISSION ARTHRITIS INDIA". "MAI", this institute has given a platform or a stage to all of us who are suffering from arthritis. Then began the journey of "let's walk together hand in hand”. At the starting of this year, MAI organized a grand seminar! It included guidance from many specialist doctors, discussions, interactive sessions of questions and answers. Last but not the least- melodious music, orchestra and drama. People from Aurangabad, Ratnagiri, Mumbai and Banglore participated in the programme. People from faraway places also participated in the seminar .But this happy event lasted only for a short while. This little time was not enough to get to know each other properly, but TEAM MAI came out with a brilliant solution to this problem. “WHATSAPP". This was the way to get in touch with each and everyone and at the same time a boon of advanced technology to us! There were 80 members, and then started the chain reaction of sharing jokes, information, videos, puzzles and many more things. It was a pleasant breakaway and joy in our routine lives. For a short while it gave us respite from our pain. The main reason and objective to form this association was to bring together all the patients with arthritis, to understand each other's problem and to find solutions to over come them, while knowing and understanding each other in this journey made life happy and content for all of us. This opportunity is given by MAI when we voice our problems and difficulties. Common people may find them very trivial and laughable, but people who suffer from arthritis can relate to them very well. One who suffers and bears this pain can understand what I mean to convey.

I am listing here few of problems which are common for people with arthritis. I have solutions to some of them and to some of them I do not.

Mrs. Jyoti Patil, who is a member at MAI, has come up with some great solutions. They are especially for the women who have arthritis and find some routine tasks difficult to perform. Like using a food processor for cutting of vegetables instead of knife and kneading of the dough. Using containers which are easy to pull and open instead of container with threads. Instead of cleaning the house with rotating taps, use taps with long handles; cleaning with light weight brooms and keeping the height of the kitchen platform a little shorter so that it is easy to work , using pair of tongs with good support etc.

If we implement these suggestions in our daily routine life will be easier for us arthritis patients. If we can find practical solutions to the existing problems, then life will not be a punishment for us.