Exercises for Arthritis control

by Dr Nilima Bedekar

Arthritis is a disabling progressive condition, especially when multiple joints are affected. There is pain, swelling which affects movement and function. Muscles are not able to generate force due to pain and stress. If swelling or effusion persists longer, the joint sensation call proprioception is affected hence difficulty in balance. Joint supportive tissues the ligaments and capsule- the joint coverings get affected further causing problem in activating muscles and keeping normal alignment. Once the structures get affected and arthritis becomes progressive muscles are not able to move the joint properly. Hence exercises are important to be started as early as possible to gain better control and preserve joint health and function. It is never too late to begin! Exercises with Orthotic or special device support is required at specific joints. Proper exercise prescription helps to control and gain independence. Cycle of pain, oedema, range restriction, weakness can be reverted by exercises. Physical well being gives better mental or psychological attitude. As adherence to fitness programme is vital; needs lot of perseverance, support and guidance. Muscles are beautiful organ under voluntary control. Make use of this to control body and mind.

Large movements to bigger joints, fine muscle work/skillful combinations for smaller joints.

Exercises in various positions,