Let's create a positive world

by Mrs. Deepa Mehta

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference."


"Positive Attitude is something that changes the whole perception of life."

Have you even heard the saying "Walk a mile in my shoes" That's what a lot of people living with arthritis would like to say to their friends and family who don't understand what it is like to live with chronic illness.

People with arthritis want to live life no differently than anyone else. They want to do each and everything that a normal person does, they want to be able to go shopping, go to the movies, go out to work and enjoy life fully realizing that must be done within the boundaries of their limitations.

Almost immediately following the initial diagnosis on arthritis patient wishes they could foretell the future and know what effect the disease will have in 5, 10 or 20 years. Each negative emotion which surfaces although justified must be replaced with feelings of being HOPEFUL OPTIMISTIC & ASSERTIVE

An arthritis patient will surely benefit from having a positive attitude and by choosing positive actions. Learn how to adapt and adjust when necessary. Surround yourself with supportive people and create an environment that is healthy for you.

Adjust and Adapt becomes the Mantra of a person living with arthritis. Surround yourself with positivity. What you can control, whether you are able bodied or disabled is yourself. All humans face challenges. It's just that people with disabilities face different challenges.


Accept your situation

Don't fight the fact that you have arthritis or that your condition changes your life. Don't deny that you have the disease nor underestimate its impact. Once you accept that you have a chronic illness and that is a part of your life for the rest of your life the decisions you make will be better for you and will ultimately improve your life. You must internalize the acceptance. Feel it, don't just say it.

Set Realistic Goals
Set realistic goals for yourself. Through reflection and contemplation you can assess what you are not happy with and work to change those circumstances. Be sensitive to your innermost feelings. You can focus and begin to make necessary changes in your life.

Keep Active
It is very important for people with arthritis to keep themselves occupied. Some people with arthritis develop and reluctance to try new things or experience activities that these physical limitation might make more of a change. For e.g. people with arthritis often become reluctant to travel. With forethought and careful planning people with arthritis can travel too. And believe me it also means boosting up your confidence. It's time to keep occupied yourself. Do not sit idle.

It could mean reading a book going for a long, drive, a small walk in a swimming pool, listening to music or even watching Charlie Chaplin. Go back to your school days and remember what made you happy the most

Staying Motivated
Feeling strong, being able to do things you need and want to do and living with less pain are all major motivations to continue your exercise. Sometimes it helps to step back and get perspective. Take a look at how far you've come and what you've accomplished through your commitment to staying strong and fit? What are you most proud of ? What were the biggest challenges that you've overcome? This will help you even further to set some new goals to work toward.

Managing stress and coping with the emotional aspects of life with a chronic illness promotes mind body health. Take care of your mental well - being and your body will benefit. Let's try few good things to manage our pain and stress.

Laughter is the Best Medicine when there is laughter pain usually subsides. Sharing a good chuckle with a loved one or co-worker not only feels good, it is good for you. Studies have shown that laughing boosts your circulation. And that how a new form of laughter therapy comes in. For people with chronic pain, laughter serves as a powerful form of pain management. Laughter elevates good mood and produces pain relief.

Soothing Music for Stress and Pain.
Music has lots of power by listening to slow-tempo classical music, pain from chronic osteoarthritis may ease a recent study indicates, arthritis patients pain levels decreases if they are distracted by music. Find compilation designed with relaxation in mind or create your own mixed tape of slow favorites. Turn to the music that suits you. Researches says that any type of music that makes a person feel good when listening to it can be effective.

Go Green
A view of the outdoors can make you physically and mentally healthier according to several researchers. The natural environment including lush, green scenery or even pictures of a real things has been shown to reduce stress, anger frustration and prorate more positive emotions.

Joy of Eating
Good food - good memories and good company help make you happy and healthy food can be healthful for not only its nutritional value but also its emotional value. Both aspects can promote healing. Eating something pleasurable especially in a good company triggers brain chemicals that promotes physiological healing. So when you are feeling stressed take time to slow down share a meal with friends and your dear ones and savor the happy memories.

Change your Label
"When people see the world through their arthritis they tend to refer to themselves as arthritic." Instead practice calling yourself a person who happens to have arthritis. Don't let the condition define who you are.

Take time each day to remember when things felt right, good and relaxed. Apply those good feelings to the challenges you are facing now and expect good things to happen.

Can saying a few positive words to yourself help you feel better?

If yes than what are we waiting for?

"Let's create a POSITIVE WORLD"