by Manjit Saluja

The most popular & great resolution to make is to lose weight & get into better shape. In the quest for weight loss some would join a Gym/exercises, go on a diet, or try some diet products. In our culture, maintaining a healthy weight can be tough-and losing weight, even tougher. Adding to this is the trend of fad diets and "quick-lose" plans that tempt and confuse us, and ultimately fail. But there are plenty of small but powerful, changes you can make that do add up to lasting weight loss success. The key to success is to learn how to develop a healthier, more satisfying relationship with food.

Why is weight loss so hard?
All too often, we make weight loss much more difficult then it needs to be with extreme diets that leave us cranky and starving, unhealthy lifestyle choices that demoralize us, and emotional eating habits that stop us before we get started. But there's a better way! You can lose weight without feeling miserable. By making smart choices every day, you can develop new eating habits and preferences that will leave you feeling satisfied..

A major component of losing weight is to make smarter food choices. Here's how:

Cut down on high-fat foods by:
Eat a variety of foods, including:

Change your eating habits:

Follow these simple steps & achieve your goals now !
Step1:- select your outcome goals Be specific eg lose 5 kg.
Step2:- Set a realistic time frame Consider how much sacrifice you are prepared to make
Step3:- Define measures such as Step4:- Eating plan.
Make sure you stick with the goals you set Don't get upset with yourself if you lose only 1 kg in one month ; remember that it is still loss of weight even though it is small Even if you don't lose any weight in a month just be happy that you maintained your weight & didn't gain any.

Beware of Advertisements that promise of various diet products for speedy weight loss. Diet companies make a lot of magical promises, which are not realistic. These diets do help to quicken weight loss which is temporary. Permanent changes in lifestyle and food selection work in the long run. Some of the lifestyle changes can be adopted to help reduce weight:

1) Sleep well: Aim for 8 hours of quality sleep at night. Lack of sleep may link to more hunger and overeating.

2) Exercise:- Exercise is the best remedy for weight loss. Take a walk or even a 10 minute cycling would help burn the calories

3) Drink more water:- Replace tea, coffee, soda, coldrinks with water. Water helps in breaking down foods easily.

4) Practice 'mindful' eating:- Learn to eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly

5) Do not eat food to relieve stress:- Very often we eat food simply not to satisfy hunger but to relieve stress. At such occasions we tend to put on weight. During such times indulge in other activities such as listening to music, walking, gardening, shopping etc.

6) Fill your refrigerator with fruits and veggies:- To lose weight it does not mean that you eat less food, but eat wisely. Include more of fibrous food in your diet. The fiber food takes a long times to digest and give a feeling of full stomach

Which ever route you choose to lose weight; I wish you the best of luck. Start with small meals, eat a healthy diet, your weight