Make life easy and comfortable

by Deepa Mehta

Arthritis can impose physical limitations which affect daily living activities. Arthritis can impact your life at home and work. Joint pain and stiffness can affect mobility and manual dexterity. Everyday tasks which are usually considered simple can become difficult for people with arthritis. Severe arthritis can be limiting. As people find daily activity more challenging, they can experience frustration and a wide array of emotions.

It is very important to stay "POSITIVE" and find solutions. Living with arthritis can be a positive experience......although challenging at times. Firstly one has to accept the fact that he/she is suffering from arthritis. Yet you can have a rewarding and prosperous life. Given below are some of the tips that can make your life much easier and manageable with arthritis..


a. Keep your teeth clean and strong by using an "electronic tooth brush" where in less manual action required. Great for those with arthritis in their hand, arms and elbow and shoulders.

b. "Extended toe nail scissors" with angled blade make it possible to reach your feet and trim your nails.

c. "Long handled wooden back brush" allows you to reach your back more easily.

d. Combing hair with long handles and anti-slip grip helps arthritis patients with limited range of motions.

e. Everyone should be careful when they get in and out of a shower area or a bath tub. People with arthritis are dealing with limited range of motion, pain and weakness, so, safety is a concern. "Grab bars" and "Anti-skid flooring" will make arthritis patients feel independent.

f. "Raised toilet seats" will help the patients with arthritis and mobility problems can be solved to some extent. The additional height provided by this adaptive aid provides affordable and obtainable solution.


a. A "Kitchen Stool" is important to a cook with arthritis as any other cooking tool in their kitchen. Cooking can be a long process. As soon as you notice the increase in pain while working in kitchen do not forget to pull a stool, and sit. Think of it as a part of managing life with arthritis, rather than thinking about it as ruining your kitchen decor.

b. Arthritis pain can make simple cooking tasks more difficult, especially affecting hands, fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders. Ergonomic cooking tools which have easy grips and non-slip handles are helpful to people who have arthritis. Spatulas, spoons, ladles and other cooking tools, and even pot and pans with two handles help to avoid a major kitchen accident or injury. It will also reduce pain and greatly compensate for swollen and deformed joints.

c. Even the kitchen shelves should be easily accessible so you don't strain your muscle and joints when trying to reach dishes and cookware. The best design is pullout shelves which allow you to access kitchen items stored in the back with ease. Have your most commonly used items closest to where you use them. Have infrequently used items stores further away or higher on the shelves.


a. A"Revolving Chair" with a good arm support and adjustable height is of great use to arthritis patients. If you have restricted neck mobility the revolving chair can make you feel comfortable. The same chair can be used for dining purpose as well, and even in the living area as sofas are usually with low heights.

b. It is always better to have a “Raised Height Bed” so as to avoid the difficulty while getting up from the bed especially with the morning stiffness.

c. Even the study table and the computer table has to be according to the requirement and comfort of the patient.

d. Avoid prolonged sitting, standing or sleeping. Try to move your joints

e. Climbing stairs is a normal activity which is often taken for granted. Stairs can be problematic for people with arthritis who have physical limitations caused by hip, knee, ankle or foot. Wearing a foot support, ankle support, knee support or back support can add stability and make it safer for some people when climbing stairs.

f. People with arthritis are forced to adapt and adjust. Less time spent on grooming and simple ways of dressing becomes necessary. Like Velcro items, elastic that are easy to manage should be made in use. Right orthotics are important for the foot with deformity. Even arthritis clothing includes items that are easy to put on and take off.

g. During the day we pick up cups, glasses, pens, plated and keys. We also grip door knobs, handles, etc. People with arthritis can have trouble gripping objects. Built up handles, specially designed objects which add and lever handles are examples of adaptions which improve an environment for people with arthritis.


a. Avoid long distance travelling. If at all, then have break journey, so as to ease your pain and discomfort. But do not limit yourself to go out or to travel. Travelling can be fun filled also. Carry all your medications while travelling and see to it that all pre-arrangements are made to reach the destination with forethoughts and careful planning, people with arthritis need not give up travelling and experience the outside world.

b. Pain and discomfort associated with arthritis can be overwhelming and some people react by eliminating optional activities such as going to holy places and socialising. Once eliminated isolation fills the world and depression soon follows.

c. Arthritis can impact employment and the ability to work. People with arthritis must adapt their work situation to their physical limitation. Most people with arthritis try to work as long as they can by modifying their work place, changing their work schedule or finding a more manageable job.