What will be the activities of MAI ?

Is MAI connected to any other organization ?

NO! MAI is not connected to any commercial, pharmaceutical or medical organization. However it supports the Bone and Joint Decade (BJD) 2000 - 2010. BJD has been launched all over the World under the auspices of WHO to overcome the problems related to various rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases. The government of India has given recognition & official support to BJD and a National Action Networking Committee has been formed for India. MAI is the founding support member of BJD India.

Is MAI registered ?

Yes! MAI is registered as charitable community and research society. It will seek recognition and support from the Government of India.

Is MAI a Government Organization ?

No! It is a self-supporting organization.

How will MAI obtain funds ?

Voluntary donations and a nominal membership fee will support the organization. Institutions, organizations and individuals inclined towards the goals and mission of MAI will be encouraged to sponsor its activities. The executive and the principal administrative staff have volunteered their services free of cost.

Can anyone become a member of MAI ?

Yes! Anyone with an interest in the subject of arthritis and rheumatism can become a member. However the focus is primarily on patients suffering from arthritis.

How does MAI function ?

MAI has an executive committee comprising of patients, doctors and professionals specialised in the field of arthritis
Though founded in Pune, MAI will soon have representatives and experts in various parts of India overlooking its activities. MAI will also make special efforts to reach out its services to patients in rural and backward/under-developed areas of the country. In the near future, MAI will set up a website and a network linked on the Internet.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of MAI ?

MAI will provide the following services :

How do I become a member ?

By paying a nominal membership fee of Rs 200/year or Rs 500 for 3 years. You can download the application form here and send it by post to the address here


Chairperson - Mrs. Rajeshwari Karle
Vice Chairman - Dr Anuradha Venugopalan
Hon. Secretary - Mrs. Shweta Kulkarni
Treasurer - Mrs. Deepa Mehta
Medical Advisor - Dr Arvind Chopra
Trustee - Mrs Sharayu Bhat
Trustee - Mrs Shivani Barve
Trustee - Mr Narendra Bhat
Trustee - Dr Ajit Damle
Trustee - Mrs Leela Nahar
Trustee - Dr Nachiket Kulkarni
Trustee - Ms. Manjit Saluja
Trustee - Dr Lata Bichile