MAI 2016 Convention

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MAI 13th Anniversary

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MAI 12th Anniversary

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October, 2009 - Bone & Joint Decade, Global Network Conference

BJD Global Network Conference was held at Washington Dc from 21st to 24th Oct 2009.I got an opportunity to go to Washington and attend USBJD Conference and represent MAI and BJD India. The Conference was at J W Marriott, Pennsylvania Avenue. I also got an opportunity to go to White House (Capital Hill, Visitors Centre) since 22nd Oct 2009 - Advocacy Day was arranged at Capital Hill, Visitors Centre 21st & 22nd were special Patient Advocacy meetings. After registration there was a welcome by Artrin U. Kuder, Esquire member, international steering committee, BJD. Amye Leong, BJD Patient Advocacy leader and Sara Martin, BJD Communications Manager presented the Themes & Practical information. Facilitators were Brjan Tjugum & John Lotspeich, Directors, Webs Sandwick, London. If you closely examine your knee, you will realise how easy it is feel the bony parts including knee cap. On the sides, there is hardly any coverying y nuscles or fat. All this makes the joint prone to injuries. There are several reasons for the knee to hurt and become painful. In fact, everyone experiences a painful knee some time or the other. It is important to know that different causes predominate at different ages. Let us go through some broad classification of causes.

There was introduction to-

There was a group discussion and the subjects were Research in Kenya, Prevention Vs correction, Health Education & Prevention is easy. Another Group Discussion was disease wise. So I joint Rheumatoid Arthritis group. Millions of people suffer from broad range of diseases under the term "Arthritis".

The points were:

So we Asians came together and discussed the common problems.