by Mrs. Rajeshwari Karle

The sun goes behind the clouds and gradually the dusk starts to take its place and then it gets dark as it can.....

My joints used to start paining since the evening and on next day morning they use to get swollen. I could not even manage my own daily routine activities, and was unable to perform the household routine.

I use to think of going to school but was unable to hold a pen. Even turning the pages of a book used to be a painful exercise, which made me to cry.

This was the situation in the year 1995-1996.

My colleagues use to feel sorry for my critical condition. But how could they be able to share my painful experiences? One senior teacher among my colleagues came to my rescue. She was also suffering from arthritis since her childhood.

I felt great hope when I first met the Specialist Doctor who treated Arthritis. I felt nurtured by the emphatic support and the supportive way of dealing with the emotions of my suffering. I felt great comfort with his patience of listening and understanding abilities regarding my situation.

With the help of the Medications prescribed by the Doctor and his suggestions and Physiotherapy exercises, my health started gradually showing improvements likewise a Bulb of "0" Volts to 40-60 and subsequently like a Bulb of 100 Volts.

As on my part, I just kept on following the measures suggested by the Doctor. My Husband took great initiative in giving me medicines on scheduled timings and hot water every morning. Since then is been taking due care like a mother does for her child. I kept on boosting my moral with high spirits.

I did not lose my hope and kept on working continuously. I made myself busy with the work routine, which did allow me to think about my pain and sufferings. I could concentrate on work rather than on my suffering.

I had undergone hip and knee replacement surgeries. Well, I think that these are all the outcome of our deeds in past life.

We are fortunate enough that only the body has to undergo the pains and not the soul. So keep yourself happy and cheerful. Just remember that whole world will smile with you, but you have to mourn and cry alone in agony.

Therefore try to find alternatives. Look at the people who are suffering more than us and be grateful to God with the attitude of gratitude. Wherever possible extend your hand of care and aid to the under privileged and suppressed people. No one can take away the happiness you derive out of this extended help to the deserving and needy ones.

Alas! please remember that God has always taken care of what you needed and not what you wanted.

It is a humble request to the members of the family of the person suffering from Arthritis that please try to be in the shoes of the suffering family member. He does not expect you to share suffering but only expects that you empathetically understand his situation. He needs your care and support and not merely the sympathy. He is so frustrated and fed up with his grave situation.

So it is a mere request that as far as possible try to make him happy and joyful.